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International Women's Day: Let's celebrate female artists

International Women's Day is a day to celebrate the achievements of women, to promote gender equality, and to raise awareness of the challenges that women still face. One of these challenges is the underrepresentation of female artists in the art world. Despite the fact that there are many talented female artists out there, they are often overlooked, undervalued, and underrepresented in galleries, museums, and art auctions.


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According to a report by Artnet, in the last ten years, there has been a massive lack of representation of female artists in global art auctions. Of the $196.6 billion spent at art auctions between 2008 and 2019, work produced by women accounted for only $4 billion, or around 2% of the total sales. This is a shocking statistic that highlights the need for more support and recognition for female artists.

Furthermore, research shows that artworks signed by men increase in value compared to a painting that is not signed. But when a female artist signs a work of art, it decreases in value. This suggests that there is still a bias against female artists in the art market, despite the fact that the quality of their work is often just as good as that of their male counterparts.

So how can we address this issue and promote more gender equality in the art world? One way is to support and promote female artists, to give them the recognition they deserve, and to showcase their work in galleries and museums. We need more role models for young women who aspire to be artists, and we need to create a culture that celebrates the achievements of women in the art world.

At Klint Care, we use International Women's Day to put female empowerment in the world of art in center. We recognize the immense talent and creativity of female artists, and we are committed to supporting and promoting their work. We believe that by working together, we can create a more inclusive and equal art world, where every artist, regardless of gender, is given the recognition and respect they deserve.

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