The story about Klint

Klint is a Danish skincare brand founded in 2020 in Copenhagen by Hans-Emil Kjær, inspired by his artist mother and their shared passion for art and skincare.

Klint creates clean and vegan skincare products based on high-quality ingredients that have been proven to benefit the skin. Our selection includes natural oils and extracts, as well as pure active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and AHAs. Our formulas are carefully developed by Danish skincare experts using high-quality ingredients made in our factory in Denmark.

However, we're more than just a skincare brand. We aim to blend art and skincare in our unique way by pairing curated limited artworks with high-quality skincare. We collaborate with skilled up-and-coming female artists, and our mission is to build a platform that shapes and promotes the next generation of artists. This approach is what we call the art of skincare.

On a mission

What sets us apart from other premium skincare brands is our dedication to art. Female artists have historically been underrepresented, and we wish to change this. We collaborate with skilled up-and-coming female artists, and our mission is to build a platform that shapes and promotes the next generation of artists.

We wish to change the perception of art from being something reserved for the walls - to something that can bring joy to your everyday life. Our way of doing this is to combine limited artworks with high-quality skincare made in Denmark.

By collaborating with upcoming artists, we are turning everyday skincare products into works of art. We seek to financially support the artists by donating a share of the profits from the sales. But one of the most important things in this collaboration is to provide a new canvas for the artists and a new channel to promote their art.

Inspired by the story of Hilma af Klint

The Swedish painter, Hilma af Klint was a true pioneer within abstract art in Western art history. Today she is considered to be a true pioneer and the inventor of abstraction. She managed to create a new visual language in the early 1900-century before any of her peers. 

Despite her great talent, she choose not to showcase her abstract painting in her lifetime. In her will, she stipulated that abstract artworks should not be publicly available until twenty years after her death. Hilma af Klint did this because she did not believe that the public would be ready for this type of artwork. 

With great admiration for her work, we were so inspired by her pioneering story that we created the Klint Care brand and made it our mission to unite art and skincare.

Our Vision

We want to help new artists develop their profiles and get seen by a broader audience through our limited high-quality products. We want to help, support and grow talented artists throughout the world.

Aside from the commission we pay to our artists, we enter a profit-sharing agreement so that when you buy a Klint Care product you are supporting the next generation of artists.

We deeply care about the products, and all our skincare products are produced in Denmark. We only source the best ingredients and we always ensure to use the best available materials that live up to our core values.

Art, Skincare & Family

Growing up Hans-Emil was heavily influenced by the colors and joy that art was able to give him. His mother, Hanne is a painter who primarily made abstract oil paintings but also painted on other mediums such as chairs, clothing, walls, photos, and anything else that needed a touch of color. But art was not the only they were interested in - they also share a love for skincare.  

With a skincare-obsessed mom, he would from an early age observe and participate in his mother’s daily skincare routines. When Hans-Emil reached his teenage years he started using his mother's skincare products. Even though there were multiple products to choose between, he noticed that a lot of the products had different benefits, yet none of them was able to give him a feeling of complete nutrition. And from a visual perspective, all of his mother's skincare products were neutral and uninteresting to look at.  

Hans-Emil started exploring the different formulas within his mother's products. He realized that the formulas have different nutritional levels, and he decide to create the perfect hand cream of his own. It took multiple months of trial and error, but after taking a scientific approach with some of the leading skin care experts in Denmark he managed to develop a hand cream that he was truly satisfied with. His outset was natural ingredients, but he would not compromise on the aroma and feel of the products because he wanted to have a holistic view of skin care. Hans-Emil succeed in creating a product line that would inspire the eye and nourish the skin.