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Great with the Art

I've been using this product for about a month and a half. It's a gentle exfoliating cleanser that leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean. At first I was a little skeptical about using a cleanser for skin care, but I've found that it makes a difference and it smells nice. The soap is made from natural ingredients, so I feel like it's not as harsh on my skin. I like that it's made from a plant base and it's gentle enough

Best body lotion I've tried

Best body lotion I've tried in a while. Pretty fat in the texture and keeps my skin soft for ever

Coachella | Hand Soap
Kathrine Kasperson
Best soap

This is my favorite hand soap from Klint. Nice aroma

Love the looks

I really like what they have done the the packaging. Looks so nice on my wall

5 stars

This body wash has a great smell of begamote and herbs. Very nice to use in a hot shower it gives a feeling of spa

Great Artworks

I like this abstract looking artwork by Hanne. There are so many details and the quality of the products are amazing. Thanks!

Nature Feels | Body Wash
Magdalena Olsen

It smells so good and it looks beautiful


I just love this artwork. Looks soooo nice in my shower. Best gift ever

Good quality

apricot seeds and vitamins have made a difference in my skincare routines. The quality of this scub is amazing. Light and easy to apply. My skin has become softer

Great as a gift

I got the body lotion as a gift from my daughter. And since using it i have simply fallen in love with it - best gift ever!


Great products with a nice story. Very pleased


So cute and nice hand soap. Foamy and it smells soooooo good 🥰

Thanks! We appreciate your feedback. Best, Klint

Best body lotion I have ever tried

Seriously this is the best mouisturizer I have EVER tried! Creamy and rich, but it keeps my legs soft all day.

Best Skincare routine yet

I love the skincare products I use. I love a skincare routine, especially when it's fun and feels good. I have never felt better after using the skincare products from Klint

Great with art

I love hand creams for my hands, and i think having the artpieces shown on it is great!

My new favorite hand cream

I have a bad hand condition that really doesn't like lotions. It's always been a problem and I've tried just about everything, but nothing really seems to fix it. I tried several hand creams and lotions and finally came across the Dancing Ladies Hand Cream. It is the best hand cream I have ever used. I have tried other expensive hand creams that I really liked, but nothing compares to the Dancing Ladies Hand Cream. The smell is amazing, it is so light

Nature Feels | Body Lotion
Carolina Rodriquez

The Nature Feels Bodty Lotion is the perfect all-around body lotion.

Dancing Ladies | Home-Spa set
Katherina Kristoffersen
Skincare routine package is great!

Skincare is the process of maintaining the health and appearance of our skin. If you are like me, you can't skip a day of skin care and you are always on the lookout for the perfect skincare routine. Then this package is perfect for you

Soft hands

Before I become a mother, I want to be sure that I take good care of my skin. I decided to try out the Nature Feels series hand cream. I love the refreshing scent and a few days later I noticed that my hands were softer than ever.

Smells great!

I like this hand cream. It's not too greasy, it's not too heavy, and it smells great. I especially like the fact that it doesn't feel greasy on my hands, something that I've had trouble with in other hand creams in the past.

Love this set

i bought this set with a hand cream and a hand soap from Klint Care. I LOVE IT. It looks nice in my bathroom and the smell is amazing.

My morning routine

The product smells great & looks great! I love the Artwork done by Yanii

My hands are feeling so smooth

The vitamins in this hand cream have really made an impact on my skin on my hands. Light, soft and easy to apply. Big recommendation

Great across Series!

I've tried a lot of different brands, but I've never had any products that compare to the Body Scrub from Klintcare (i tried both Dancing ladies & Nature feels)

Great combo

We had been using the Hand Soap for some time. But when we saw there was an offer to mix it with the hand cream we sprung. And we actually like the Hand Cream even more (they are both great products!)